How we ship

All shipments from Avee are sent as traceable shipments via DHL World Express.
DHL express shipments usually takes two days to Europe and three days to North America. Asia and the Pacific is reached in 4-5 days.

All local VAT and taxes prepaid

From December 15th, 2018, all our products are shipped with local VAT and duties prepaid (DTP). This means that you will not pay anything extra when receiving the shipment – and what you pay on the Avee web is the total price of the product.
When paying from the cart page, you will see that your local VAT (depending on country in your address field) is added to the total amount being paid.

For companies that wishes to pay VAT and taxes locally, please contact us before ordering for a DAP shipment.

Payment via Paypal

We have chosen Paypal as our primary payment method.
Paypal has proven to be a safe and flexible method for payments both for the customer and us.

However: if you do not like to use it – or if Paypal simply is not supported in your country, we do accept direct bank transfers as payment method.

Please use the following bank details:

Avee AS
Drammensveien 167
0277 Oslo

IBAN:  NO1096151291861

Bank address:  

Bank 2
Henrik Ibsens gate 60B,
0255 Oslo,

Shipments to the US

In the US, the threshold for adding local VAT and tax is currently USD 800.
This means that all shipments being sent from us to the US will be received without any added VAT or custom fees and the price you get from our shop page is what you pay in total. The VAT and duties are zero – simply a very fortunate situation for you and for us.

Order notifications,

When you are ordering an Avee product, you will get an email receipt that the order is received by us and that it has been paid.
When the order has been processed (normally the same day) you will get an email with the DHL tracking number.
You can track your order by going to the DHL web pages.

Changing a delivery- time and address

When the shipment has left us, DHl is making sure you get your package.
Starting from December 20th, DHL wil send you messages on SMS and email, stating that the shipment is on its way and will soon be delivered to you.

By following a link in either of these messages, you can easily change delivery address (for example from your own address to your neighbor – or to a DHL delivery location) or time of delivery. You can even put the delivery on a ‘holiday hold’.

Lost packages

All packages shipped with DHL are traceable, however – if a shipment fails to reach you, simply contact us and we will solve the problem. Lost packages will be covered by Avee.

Shipment exception

Due to the extremely high customs fees & local tax in Brazil, we are simply not able to ship to this country.
For Brazilian customers, please contact us on before ordering.

Production – test and verification

All avee products are manufactured by professional manufacturers in Norway and China.
All units in a system – as well as the complete system – is going through a full verification and check before being shipped to the customer.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

We give a 3 years warranty on the avee add-on and the avee Bluetooth Controller.
All other parts like the cables and the wind-sock, are wear and tear parts and are shipped with a 1 year warranty.
Note that all cables on the avee products are plug-able and may be exchanged by the customer.

If your product is defective or damaged, we will immediately replace those items.
The new item(s) is shipped with shipment fees paid by us.

Defective units should always be returned to us using the included DHL return label, and we will pay these shipment costs.

If you don’t like the product

If you are not happy with the product, please return the item within 30 days of purchase for a refund:

  • To be eligible for a refund, the avee item must be in its original condition.
  • The return shipment cost must be paid by the customer and a the DHL return label which is included with all shipments must be used.
  • When we have the returned product in hand, we will immediately refund the cost of the product excluding the following:
    • the shipments costs for sending the avee to you.
    • the shipments costs for returning the avee to us.
  • If you paid import fees or local VAT when receiving the product, you are responsible of claiming these locally.
  • To return your product, contact us at to receive a Return Manufacturer Authorization (RMA) and return shipping instructions.